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Sword Art Online 2Title: Sword Art Online II
Type: TV Series
Year: Jul 05, 2014 to ?
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Seinen, Thriller
Status: OngoingAir Date: Every SaturdaySummaryA year after the past event, Kirito is asked by Kikuoka to investigate Gun Gale Online, specifically Death Gun, a weapon which seemed to link deaths in the virtual reality world to those in the real world. Upon entering the game, Kirito meets Sinon who teaches him the ropes of the game. They both enter the Gun Gale Online tournament, Bullet of Bullets. Kirito displays his amazing skills although he is only a newcomer to the game. Later, Kirito finds out that the mysterious deaths are linked to a red guild named Laughing Coffin in SAO.(Summaries provided by ANN and AniDB)
Sword art online

Series Information

Title: Sword Art Online
Type: TV Series, 25 episodes
Year: Jun 24, 2012 to ?
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Seinen, Thriller
Status: Ongoing

Air Date: Every SaturdaySummary

Trapped and fighting for their very lives in a Virtual Reality MMORPG, Aincrad Online, the story explores the mishaps and adventures of the greatest one handed swordsman of the VR world, Kirito. Together with his friends, the solo swordsman strives to finish the game, which in turn will release all the minds trapped into Aincrad.

(Summaries provided by ANN and AniDB)


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Season 2 Episodes

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 12 !!NEW!! — Sep.20 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 11
!!NEW!! — Sep.13 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 10
 — Sep. 06 – 2014
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 9
  –August, 30 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 8   –August, 23 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 7  –August, 16 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 6  –August, 09 – 2014–

Sword Art Online 2 Episode 5  –August, 02 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 4
  –July, 26 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 3
  –July, 19 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 2
  –July, 12 – 2014–
Sword Art Online 2 Episode 1
  –July, 5 – 2014–

Specials Episodes

Sword Art Online Extra Edition Episode 1
Sword Art Online Specials 5
Sword Art Online Specials 4
Sword Art Online Specials 3
Sword Art Online Specials 2
Sword Art Online Specials 1

Season 1 Episodes
Sword Art Online Episode 25
Sword Art Online Episode 24
Sword Art Online Episode 23
Sword Art Online Episode 22
Sword Art Online Episode 21
Sword Art Online Episode 20
Sword Art Online Episode 19
Sword Art Online Episode 18
Sword Art Online Episode 17
Sword Art Online Episode 16
Sword Art Online Episode 15
Sword Art Online Episode 14
Sword Art Online Episode 13
Sword Art Online Episode 12
Sword Art Online Episode 11
Sword Art Online Episode 10
Sword Art Online Episode 9
Sword Art Online Episode 8
Sword Art Online Episode 7
Sword Art Online Episode 6
Sword Art Online Episode 5
Sword Art Online Episode 4
Sword Art Online Episode 3
Sword Art Online Episode 2
Sword Art Online Episode 1

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  1. im scared

  2. SARCASM SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ok folks today I will explain where the dragon came from in my many comments to the current season we are in. We will start by asking “Where the hell did the dragon come from in the first place?”

    For those who remember kirito’s trip with lizbeth to the mountains we all remember how Kirito and lizbeth fell in the hole which was a dragon’s nest. Did anyone notice the hole KIRITO made when he tried to run up wall was not there anymore. It turns out kirito used one of those fancy crystals which made it possible for to metaralize the dragon in our world and thus it was sometimes under his control. He filled the hole up while lizbeth was fast asleep. Hopefully Asuna does not find out about how Lizbeth feels about kirito and how she held his hand through the night he was asleep.

    Knowing that this leads us to “how the hell was he able to control the dragon?”.

    Kirito had Yui control the dragon and for several months it was under her control until she lost control and thus it attacked kirito which will lead him to season 3 or the 2nd half of season 2. And that is where the dragon.

    Stay tuned for more investigative questions the joker will ask with his companion the observer as they try to figure out how the laughing carpenters were able to tame a giant snake that waits in Sinon’s room at this very moment.

    P.S. This is a mix of fiction and Sao fiction, while using real events of where there were gaps

    P.S.S. This was may or may not make you laugh

    P.S.S.S. Someone needs to help observer he drank the haunted tequila and he is now being chased by the ghosts of asuna’ sand kirito’s sword and sinon’s Hecate

    • What the hell did I just read??? BTW… Hey Joker, can I help with the sarcasm spoilers?