Sword art online

Series Information

Title: Sword Art Online
Type: TV Series, 25 episodes
Year: Jun 24, 2012 to ?
Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance, Science Fiction, Seinen, Thriller
Status: Ongoing

Air Date: Every SaturdaySummary

Trapped and fighting for their very lives in a Virtual Reality MMORPG, Aincrad Online, the story explores the mishaps and adventures of the greatest one handed swordsman of the VR world, Kirito. Together with his friends, the solo swordsman strives to finish the game, which in turn will release all the minds trapped into Aincrad.

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  1. Sword Art Online is the BEST anime for me. :D i hope there will be an assassin character that will join kirito and asuna’s party :D

    • i love sword art online.. very much :)

      • ya me too … ^_^

        • Me too i think its the best anime ! there must come new seasons MUST!!!

          • when new episodes coming soon .??

          • Sword Art Online just needs it… it HAS to happen!

          • the first time watching an anime and i love :D

          • The next is gun gale online

          • I didn’t like season 2 as much as season 1. Saw it in japanese with english sub. Though I heard there is a third season in the manga

          • there are currently 4 arcs (or sets of stories) in the SAO light novel series, first being Sword Art Online, second being Alfheim Online, third being Gun Gale Online, and the fourth being the Project Alicization (PA) arc. im hoping they do series for GGO and PA because those are both great storylines

          • I heard they’re going to change Kirto to the style of a girl
            and getting rid of Asuno

          • you can read the light novels of the sequels @ http://www.baka-tsuki.org/project/?title=Sword_Art_Online#Volume_10_-_Alicization_Running_.28Full_Text.29

          • season 2 the “Phantom Bullet” arc is coming this year. (ie. GGO) though no definitive date for premier episode
            all known details can be found here:
            Yoshitsugu Matsuoka is confirmed as Kirito

          • when is gun gale coming out?

        • Asuna and kirito are sweet couple <3

          • It makes me way too happy whenever I see them together, they’re just the cutest <3 ^v^

          • minus the rape

          • Yes They have a daugther hehehe

        • i love this im getting crazy on season 2 pls tell me if theres a season 2 pls…

          • Season 2 was Alfheim online I heard that season 3will be about gun gale online

          • there will be season to, im im very glad to say there is :D

          • well if u know when the next seaon will premeire please tell me because i love this show.

          • Season 2 was not Alfhiem online. Season 2 will be gun gale online.

          • Season 2 of SAO is not 100% confirmed but it is possible. Gun Gale wouldn’t be the second season though. According to a interview conducted with the producer, they would see Gun Gale as a series to itself like Accel World was which was set in the future of the world in which SAO was made. But there is high possibility for a second season, most likely after director Ito is finished with the other series he is going to be working on. View the video on youtube.

          • I don’t think it will be gun gale online cause on episode 25 it said everybody who plays will get to create their own world

            Unless its another love story

          • Well all anime series from Japan (don’t mean to be racist but most anime comes from Japan) have aired in the US about a year after the first season. So there will be a second and third season probably, so stay tuned!

          • Gun gale online :)

      • i very like sword art online BEST OF THE BEST at all.

        • so then when will season 2 premeire?

          • Man, everyone gets all hyped up about this anime, like “will they release a season 2?” or “I hope Kirito and Asuna stay together.” Maybe y’all should watch the full 2 seasons in Japanese with english subs. This anime’s been out for over a year now ppl.

      • Me too, i luv it very much

    • yes i like to the action and the gm

    • No Second season is coming out. The maker never announced that it was gonna come out.Some People said the second season is Gun Gale Online. It is not the second season.

      • But GGO is the third season . You can tell that its a new seasone when the opening changes

        • Is kirito and asuna include in GGO? I wish they are include in that series.. They are the cutest anime couple I have ever seen.. They make me really happy.. I don’t want SAO to finish.. I want to see kirito and asuna again, and Yui too..

      • There is defiantly a second season out there. My friend watches it on cartoon network at like 2 in the morning (in English). I haven’t been able to find it on the internet…

      • Idiot you know nothing about anything. You pay no attention to the universe! I’m going to take your damn soul.

      • season two is alfheilm online,season three is gun gale online peeps.
        and DO NOT,i repete DO NOT READ CHAPTER 16.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • not trying to spoil but they switch games so this game dosent last the hole 25 episodes

      • You do realize that their were still 300 players that didn’t log out of SAO. Therefore trapping them in what is still SAO. ALO is nearly a complete copy, with the exception of a new world/races/logout button. So your comment is completely untrue. SAO lasted until episode 25, when ALO was shut down.

        • But then again they started ALO back up after they had a new company run it and yes ALO is a nearly complete copy of SAO and yes SAO doesnt end until episode 25 because even kirito says it SAO doesnt end until i get asuna.

      • You mean whole 25 episodes?

    • they dont join their isnt a character as such

    • yeah you are right an assassin would be cool

    • I hope they make another season of SAO

    • bro an assain really? grim theres no way a splinter cell could keep up with the sword development and stay alive. however i do believe an archer would be nice for kiritos hack n slash but dont look back way of fighting so hes got asuna but whos watching both THERE @$$es man NO ONE thats who dude so a spotter a sniper a somthing with rang would really be nice [:

    • What would you do if you played a game and it makes you get stuck in there like Sword Art Online what would you do first and why. also would you just sit there and do nothing or finish the game :D.

      • I’ll finish the game…

      • I want to kill that GM.Because of him many begginers die!

      • I’d finish it for all those who were supporting me, for all those who couldn’t

    • Probably not a assassin

    • This series is the best. It’s a shame it ended so quick. I heard rumors that there will be fillers for the series covering everything that happened during the first season.

    • kirito and asuna alone is better

    • it is the best I see it one night and now I cant stop thinking about it

    • Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment

    • Dude i am with you on that but unfortunately. Sao has ended. There shall be no more. It kills to write that.

  2. i really wish there was a dub version but beyond that i love this show:)

    • sorry but that would be awefull. america voice actors have no emotion compared to japanese. and they rarely get the right actors for the ppl

      • an exception for dragon ball z series. american voice actors were great!


        • i agree, all the good Animes end so soon ;(

          • yeah its one of the best animes ive watched the story was actualy supposed to be longer but it looks like they ended it there

        • LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL…. DBZ voice actors were terrible… they made that kid proof…

          Anime should be japanese always.. they don’t cut out the best parts and have best drama

          • Bleach had good english voices that matched

          • Kill yourself.

          • you first

      • I beg to differ! The Japanese voice actors are great most of the time, sure, and sometimes American voice actors screw animes up, but a lot of dubbed animes come out better then you’d think.
        Black Butler, or Kuroshitsuji, for example. The Subs were fine, but the Dub version, in my opinion, was much better because if the anime is set in London it doesn’t make sense for them to be speaking another language. Also, most of the voice actors had British accents.

        • Not to mention Desert Punk. The language was much more flavored, which was great, considering a lot of the comedy is in the wording.
          The Japanese are far too polite for such an anime as Desert Punk, and especially a character like Desert Punk.

        • beg more :)

      • Only if you can actually speak Japanese. Most of the time I’m so focused on the words the only emotions I can register are surprise and anger.

        Besides, they COULD just get good voice actors instead of shitty cheap ones.

        • I CAN SPEAK JAPANESE…but i dont know why i still look at the subs ?_?

          Sore wa dono yō ni shinpi-tekidesu?

        • keep talking

      • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Code Geass had great English dubs.

        • Hellsing Ultimate have better dubs.

          • i love hellsing

      • yes but those of us who dont understand that language and wish to watch this anime have to sit there with that countries dictionary and pause every word and translate it so we can understand it and follow the story in away we actually understand what the characters are saying and then piece it together and try to read and watch at the same time and subtitles make it so you can understand it but you focus on that instead of actually watching the show.

    • No… nonononononononononononononono NOT EVER..

    • Sword Art Online Episode One (dubbed) Airs July 27, 2013. It says on the wiki for the list of SAO’s episodes for both japanese and american.

      • What a coincidence that I only noticed this site today.

  3. This site is probaly the last to upload…

    • lmao

      • Q_Q he seaso 2 is not comig why??????

        • Alfheim was season 2.

          • Actually, the official season 2 isn’t out yet. People say that Alfheim is season 2, but technically, and according to the producers, it’s still part of season 1. Let’s all hope for a season 2 in Gun Gale Online!

          • The creators said that they want to make a season two, they are just currently busy with other shows.

  4. when will be episode 18,19 and so on be uploaded?

    • they ready uploaded it

  5. this is the best

  6. watch my SOA music video XD

  7. I am the one character

    • Hello husband:)

      • Hi mommy! Hi daddy!

        • Oh look, test subjects

        • Hello baby:)

          • nice couple :)

          • who m i thn?

  8. one of the best anime that i ever seen>>>>>>>>>>>

  9. It’s upload every saturday at 9pm (+2GMT) and this site is totally the last to upload >.>
    go to gogoanime or sumthin

  10. i love this anime its a romantic anime i love ittt an i love asuna se beautifall an kirito hes really cool

  11. i am asuna hahah

    • i dont undestand the humor in pretending to be the character like kirito or asuna all u do is desacrate the modestity of the voice actor who tried so hard to bring emotion to their life less animated vocal cords man. its like trying and failing but your that one car that goes 70mph sown the road to splash people in the face on a bad day. dont get me wrong it can be very humorous but thats someones life and job and maybe even legacy if their lame enough. so shall i explain how working at mcdonalds doent give the right to make fun of decent story plot and originality or are quite finished hmmmm?

      • Lol, You’re taking this too seriously. It’s no big deal, you said it yourself this might be someone’s legacy. So you tell me one legacy people don’t copy.. it’s like, Mario, or Elvis, it’s not making fun. Haven’t you ever heard that copying is the sincerest form of flattery? It’s actually honoring them, a person pretending to be someone else means that they find that person cooler than themselves. So shall I explain how being better at making a point doesn’t give you the right to step on, and make fun of somebody? or are you quite finished hmmmm? ;)

  12. the second music video i made to sao

  13. Hey can you tell me what is the song when kirito kiss asuna in episode 10???

  14. ahmf… when is the next episode of it … i hope it will come very soon

  15. the SAO anime maker is going to lunch onother siries of this movie and i conot wait for this moment … ^_^

    plsss always subscribe and watch SAO is 4th frome all anime movies…>>

    : GM`s

    • oh ya, I can’t wait to see!!


  17. wow episode 24 has an echii part non it

  18. is this end in EP 25 :O
    I hope it’s not true

    • It is true.

      • what about Gun Gale Online?

        • There are rumors, but so far no official word of any Gun Gale. Of course, season 1 did really well, so I see no reason for the producers not to make a season 2.

  19. I can`t wait for another episode =)

  20. Great anime, I hope to see more.

  21. so excited to see the next episodes…

  22. there should be another season of SAO

  23. now al we need is episode 26 now that theres a new plot

  24. i hope there will be alot more of this anime its best one i have seen so far

  25. i re-watched it 2 times now im ganna rewatch again xD
    hope they make more of these they are awsome to bad we dont live in a time like that

    • Me 2

  26. i hope they finish the season 2…

    • where can i see the progress they are making?
      what website do the producer use to inform that there is a season 2?
      please answer my question :D

  27. Damnn i want to see more than 25 episodes on SAO

  28. oh god, i want new episodes so much, it think its the best anime i´ve ever seen :3 please make moore :)))

    • yes more we need more ive already watched most of the good animes and theres nothing to watch it would be nice if some one would give a suggestion to a good anime but ive probaly watched them all

  29. this is the full of awsome & full of joy,happiness & the coolness of all anime movie

  30. when will season 2 be online?

  31. Will a season 3 come out for Guns Gale Online?

  32. Best anime ive ever seen!!!! iLove much SAO

  33. oh man cant wait for season 2!

  34. The best anime I seen!!! I love it very much!

  35. My boyfriend got me into this anime and I just started watch it today. I’m on episode 3 and I’m already hooked! Awesome Anime!!!

  36. i hear they gonna to make new season about gun…..kirito became trap O////O *laugh*

  37. When will be the next episode?

  38. I watch this start to finish about 2-3 times a week. It keeps me working hard to get this kind of virtual MMORPG into reality. I can’t wait for the day that SAO games become a reality. I think a mix of accel world and SAO would be a great game. As far as, earn lives, once you’re done, you cannot play the game ever again. Oh real life… I can’t wait!!

  39. best anime ever!!!!..

  40. Yuuki Asuna <3 <3 <3 !!!!!!!!!!! Waiting for season 2!!!!

  41. Maa gan Episode 26nya..??

  42. why did it have to end :( rip

  43. Anime like these are too awesome :DD the problem is, like many other anime series, there are barely any episodes; normally around 20… I WANT MOAR!!!

  44. there should definitely be a part 2 of this <3

  45. You guys mostly are saying when season 2 will come out it is season 3 since season 1 was on SAO and season 2 was ALO

    • Technetcly SAO and ALO were counted as season 1. Gun gale online will be season 2 if they decide to make a season 2.

      • Guys it is season 3, ALO and SAO in one season and season 2 is
        Extra Edition,so Gun Gale Online is season 3. :P

  46. I’ve heared of Sword Art Online the Anime, but I haven’t watched it cuz I was too busy watching Fairy Tail. Now that’s at end (I’m sure there’s more though) I finally decided to watch this. I was like OMG!!! This Anime is like it’s copying from my dream!! Literally. Do you think It’s a sign that I should make Anime’s in future like this one?!?!

  47. Damn this anime is awesome!

  48. This is the best cartoon

    • not cartoon Anime their is a difference you know

  49. Sword Art Online does not end at episode 25 . In fact, the light novel are not yet finished .

    • I wish you could send me the link of the videos after ep.25

  50. When will season 3 come out!!!?? I’m dying to see the next episode

    • most likely never

  51. when is the new season coming out

  52. Wahhhhh why WHY EPISODE 25 IS THE ENDING PART :(((

    • its not the ending, the rest of the episodes will come out in few weeks/months

  53. i will add SAO to my top ten need to watch it again in dub this time hope it turns out grate like the sub will buy it defintly

  54. is there any way to subscribe to the makers of SAO so i can faster know when or if they are going to release the next season? pls help

  55. is there any way to subscribe to any of the makers of SAO so i can get a notification when or if they are releasing a next season? pls help

  56. waw…

  57. when can i wacth a new session on SAO?^^ i need wacth more

  58. make some episodes!!! please!


  60. saii

  61. saii hoo saii anime ;)

  62. i love this anime but why isnt there more epsoides?!?!?!? :((((

  63. It hasn’t ended yet there is still season 3

  64. Make more of these they are amazing

  65. hope to see the episode on video where asuna and kirito is doing their ‘thing’ together

  66. In this game, if you’re strong enough you’ll have a good time:)

  67. I wish to play the game so bad

  68. Apparently there is going to be another season called gun gale online and this other one but we dunno when its going to come out so hanging in there until it comes out!!! XD

  69. There are a lot of massage in this anime,it tells us to never give up in everything n never be selfish , I believe SAO as same as our world we living right now,our world was just an illusion or game,after we all dead,heaven or hell waiting for us…

    • Right!!!!

  70. i hope there another story of that and not too short

  71. Very Nice!

  72. we do not have the latest episode again,yay?

  73. I really love this anime series.. it makes me more attractive to watch anime’s again.. keep up the good work.. i hope the next season would be more adventurous and typically more episodes to watch.. GO SAO and also to those who produce this anime..!!! =D

  74. I really liked the series. as a book and show it was great. I think that it would make an awesome game.

  75. me and my ex boyfriend really love this anime. however, he still loves me :)

    it’s like he has a resemblance to kirito’s face and life. cause he’s also a “chick magnet” at our school and im so lucky that he chose me! :) like asuna… and im a year older than him,too like kirito and asuna. and i also love to cook! and like asuna and kirito, we also did’nt see each other in a long time but we end up meeting again! wow…. what a co- incidence!im tough like her but my weakness is LOVE also… :)

  76. I felt hopeless when Asuna was abused! Must mean that this is THE anime

  77. when is episode 26 coming out

  78. sao is yolo right everybody you only live once in this game
    this is fucking nice

  79. for those who cant wait(like me),try to read the light novel…there you can read bout GGO and even after GGO the UNDERWORLD part..:)

    ..but even though i already have ideas what will be the story in GGO ,im still waiting for the episodes to come out..because i like watching than reading..hahah..

    ..and i think a lot of episodes will be coming..


  80. hey i watched all episodes but what happened to asuna at the end? Kirito is entering sao again but i didn’t see asuna..? i saw every character but not her.. can someone help?

    • asuna is some one with blue hair

  81. part 2?

  82. bro try to review the last episode,asuna is there.:)

  83. Is there a new session

  84. what eps is floor 22?

  85. i like sword art online very fantatic

  86. i wish in the future there will be the same games like SAO

    • Uhm… In my case i just want the game… i dont want to be killed :o

  87. from the first episode to the last ive been enjoying this serie and i hope season 3 willl come out soon since this is an amazing serie i love it nice job ;)

  88. is there a season 2?
    plss confirm
    i love this anime

  89. there will be a dub this summer

  90. plzzz add new episode

  91. will this anime continue with new episodes?because i love it

  92. JUST <3

  93. i love is but it couldend end…I LOVO IT the series i hope they make more

  94. Oh my gosh .. I love you kirito and asuna…

    Love this anime..

  95. Season 2 please…I just love this anime..


  97. guys go watch Attack On Titan its a new anime and it makes episodes it just started it currently has 6 episodes so go check it out its an epic anime

  98. Cool!
    Continuation please… :)


  100. Just finished episode 25; if there isn’t a second season… well, ill just stop watching anime, because nothing could match this series.

  101. sorry, want to ask,. about gale gun online for next season what already exists?

  102. there is a episode 26 but apparently this website doesnt have it

    • what website its on

  103. This show makes be depressed because its not really

  104. Wait…. Dos that main… SAO isnt finished, FUCK YEA! i would love to see more!!

  105. Listen to the makers of SAO please make some new episodes because all of us fans got hooked and i love this anime please at least try to get out a couple of new episodes of this fantastic journey through SAO that we have all intervened in
    -All of the SAO fans

  106. Nice, a helmet where player can inject themselfs “Link Start”..
    Where are the other episodes? Owh, Season 3 is Gun Gale Online..

  107. sword art online is romantic

  108. is good game<and romantic

  109. This is the best anime ever cuz i just watched episode and i was hook :) and when r they gonna reveal Gun Gale Online on the internet :( can’t find it anywhere :( also the songs in it were also awesome i can’t them out of my head!!!

  110. I’ve watched this anime about 3 or 4 times and yet i still love it plz make more episodes it’s the best anime EVER!!!!!!!

  111. well, this one is the most interesting anime i’ve ever seen. the characters of asuna and kirito did very well along this anime, and i would love to watch another season of SAO.. ;-)

  112. Sao Season 2 Di Bilang GunGale Padahal Bohong

  113. azzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  114. KAKABITN!!!

  115. They are only 25 episodes??????

  116. Hey guys, when the new episodes release?

  117. im soooooo glad this anime will not end they are just making the season2 of SAO :)

  118. is’t only 25 episode…why…???

  119. I wan’t more ep !! its just soo good ! I want SAO to continue, I want to see the rest of SAO from where the Aincrad came back to challenge them !

  120. didnt know i was that sensitive

  121. There’s always “accel world” for anyone who wants to watch another VRMMORPG anime – and created by the same producers! (i think)
    heard it was on par with sao… :)

  122. I dont want to see the end of all 25 episodes :p

  123. the best anime ever made but i agree its to short they have to make it longer i love to see more !!

  124. THIS IS NOT THE BEST ANIMIE CHILL OUT AND IF YOU THING THAT THEN YOUN DONT HAVE WATCHED MANY ANIMIES…this is a good animie but i have only see 3-4 boss batles and it was in there 2 fucking years

  125. Why no gun gale online?

  126. its so nyc..to watch esp. were thier in the alfhiem online..hehehe..
    kirito was so cool..his now my fav. anime idol..

  127. One Of Best Anime I’ve Seen In My Entire Life, Great Storyline, Spectacular Character Design, And Great Openings. I’d Rate This 11 Stars If Possible. The Series Stole my Heart At Episode 9.

  128. there is a second season but i hope they are the same characters

  129. the second season is not even announced yet.

  130. is there a plan for GGO?

  131. I love SAO! And I want to watch Season 2. Is it already released?! Where can I watch it? :D

  132. i wished there’s more episode

  133. Love this anime so much that the games l play, I name them person/character Kirito ♡♡♡

  134. Asuna and Kirito were compatible! So sweet! Kyaaa!

  135. I love this anime…love it so much I hope they have Sword Art Online Season 2 <3 <3 <3

  136. i love it so much

  137. romantic anime

  138. I hate when i finish an Anime. I always feel like i lost a friend. Especially in this one.

  139. This is good……

  140. Would be an awesome twist if a sorcerer character appears

    • I wish, but as in the first episode had stated, there is no magic in Sword Art Online(I suspect there are in the other Online Worlds however!)

  141. wow i like sword art nline

  142. its a shame they didn’t make the other 6 books into an anime

  143. I like the sword art online very much because this story is romance

  144. Long story short, to those that are wondering if the series will come back for season 3*, the answer is yes.

    The series have made quite a profit for the production companies(not to mention the profits from licensing feeds, games, novels, etc..). In addition, SOA has been one of the top-tier anime for the year 2012.

    While there is way too much content to be crammed into season 3, you can expect the main storyline to be more or less the same, with some parts omitted from the anime series(much like in season 1).

    Anime should be out anywhere from early March to as late as mid June. In the end, it is up for the animation companies to decide when’s the best time to release the anime for maximum profit and exposure.

    * Many people are debating whether the SOA and ALO arcs are to be considered one or two seasons, but regardless of the outcome, let’s just pretend that that number 3 following the “Season” in the title stands for the whatever-next-gen season that will cover GGO will be.

  145. Sword Art Online is coming on the tv. Who thinks they want to watch it? I doubt I will because I didn’t like Bleach when it was in English.

  146. i like asuna and kirito get marry in the real world

  147. It’s hard to make episodes for really good anime’s that have good plots, good characters and etc. because the creators know that a lot of people expect a lot from their anime’s.
    Even though they ended it at 25 episodes, I don’t ask for more. Usually when there are long anime’s, the creators run out of good material and people’s interest gradually falls for the anime. BUT I STILL WANT SEASON 2!

  148. I love see this movie…<3 but i want see sword art online season 2…..

  149. sword art online is great and all but is season 2 coming or not????

  150. Thank God Toonami dubbed an english version. I’ve only seen the first episode, but I’m very interrested.

  151. ALFheim online is season 2

  152. that movie is fantastic, full of adventure … and because love conquers all …

  153. yea i hope season 2 comes

  154. There will be a season two lol they made the book and its called gun gale online they announced that they will be making it but they haven’t started so there is no release date yet

  155. I like swort art online very much

  156. so do i, i love this story.,.,

    so much, i wan to life like that if i can.,.


  158. i really like the story,kirito was a great character a hero for the girls and specially to asuna..i wish there are lot of episodes to COME!! thumbs UP!!:)

  159. This serious was awesome and there is going to be season 3. Since SAO was season 1 and ALO was season 2. GGO will be season 3. I think season 3 will be released in October 2013. I also think that they may be a new main character.

    • yay

  160. If only there were more…

  161. i hope it has a new season.and i very very love sword art online.
    it the best cartoon ever.

  162. guys just got news from the site says in two days ha ha yes more sao

  163. and I think if I dumped my girlfriend id knock her up

  164. is episode 26 gonna be realeased this month ? or october ?

    • that was the last episode of that season. look for season 2 which they are now calling gun gale

  165. where SAO episode 26 release?
    i’m coming to episode 26, so very much

  166. Sao mmo first person game PC Mac console story mode and free play your own character and join friends online

  167. Josh ur so stupid

  168. there’s a sword art offline

  169. The best anime ever created

  170. there is gonna be a season3 and they will be playing gun gale :P

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  172. I nearly punched my screen when oberon molested asuna

    • i feel ya pissed me off too but when kirito killed him i couldn’t stop laughing

  173. next episode will come next month in mid september

  174. Accel World is the best anime for me

  175. Why can’t season 3 come out sooner :’(

  176. Thank you for uploading this awesome series :).
    I can’t wait for season 3…

  177. Im very addicted in this anime, whenever I sleep i dream about the possible next episodes. And its intimately cool but except the part that I dreamed about Kirito’s avatar and its not nice… I hope that is just a nightmare

  178. hi

  179. Hi #602!

  180. i wish there was more episode . i feel in love with the idea of the game . i do wish it was real i would soooo get it . but the idea is good i wish they would have shown how he get soo powerful in the game there soo much that is left out . if there was a game like that it would be fun for this reason could lose your but with hard work u can become power. unlike this world where power only cost money , not hard work . there for the idea is a sweet thing everyone the same . the one that work hard get what they wont ,and the people who are not anything and just take up space will die

    • i agree with you .micheal, the real world is ruled by money, not by something it must

    • …ah sorry i was just saying nonsense, ah anyway i havn’t watch this anime yet but i think i’m gonna like this SOA

  181. Nice episode, but at the end pretty sad!

  182. For all of those expecting GGO to be next it will be a no accoeding to the orignal writer he has thought of furthering the anime but it would be after the light novels are finished since he never did make up all the bosses from floor 76 and up. So for now SAO is done

  183. fuck ! can anyone give me the link for season 2. cant sleep thinking about it. !!!

    Kirito San!

    • same

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  185. O M G I Love This Anime .. SAO The Best

  186. it was cool. wow

  187. I don’t think season 3 will be GGO Because at the end of ALO He bring Aincrad back using the world seed

  188. FOR EVERYONE WHO THINKS THERE ARE TWO SEASONS TO SAO, there is not. According to the producer there is only one season of SAO. The light novel series does continue on though and they have talked about putting out a second season but director Ito is busy with another series to do it right now. Also Gun Gale Online…It won’t be season 2, according to Mr. Kashiwada the producer he would rather see it as its own stand alone series. See the interview on youtube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2HaQp3Y0CIM )

  189. I herd that gun gale would e release in February 18,2013 or a least next month

  190. This is the best Anime I hope it’s made ongoing

  191. this site needs season 2 and 3 now

  192. Hope they make a online game of SAO.

    Would love to have Kirito’s black sword. :)

  193. this is the worst anime ever…

    • (haters gunna Hate) (Trollface)

  194. wish that they could make an online game of SAO…….

    it’s the the best epic love story i watched recently………….
    it’s so beautiful .. OMG..!!!!!!!!!

  195. According to my sources season two premiere will be aired on toonami at around July 26

  196. This is the best anime haha the first time I saw this I thought to myself what the heck is this….then I go and watch the the episodes then my reaction….WOW I LOVE THIS!:D I hope gun gale will be good!!

  197. Sword art online is a super awesome anime

  198. hey is there english dub?

    • yup, but actually is better the sub. kirito’s voice dubbed is terrible

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  201. i hope the game became reality so we all can play SAO

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  204. If you guys like Sword Art Online, you guys should watch Accel World, it is made by the same creator

    • Thanks

  205. i wish they would add season 2 out so we could watch episodes 26 and up

  206. is aincrad and alfheim the same season of SAO

  207. is aincrad and alfheim the same season of SAO?

  208. Anyone know when new episodes will be available?

  209. This site should have a chat room feature…. Anyone else think so???

  210. @Flourish that would be fun! Chatting about our fav. sword art online…… hehe… i just can’t stop imagining what happened after the last episode, to tell the truth im addicted to online games, but im way more addicted to this anime! it has the feels! and Excitement! it seems or it looks like im the one playing since from the start, oh oh, the director and the producer would like to make another season but that’s not official right? however that gave me hope…. i’ll wait since i love this anime so much!

  211. i love how the episodes 1 to 10. its to hard to say whats going on later when they got marred someone tell me whats going on here please o.o

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    • Me to

  213. im thinking sword art online well never make a new episodes mybe the author is lazy. -_-

  214. How do u put it in english

    • theres no english to this website. only in adult swim

  215. How

  216. i just wish that more episodes will come… in connection to the last episode.

  217. I hope in gun gale online Kirito gets a gunblade because he knows how to use a blade and adding a gunblade to kiritos arsenal woud definitely spice up the action sequences.

  218. Sayang kulang ng Episode..!!:(

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  221. I hope that sao has a lot of season

    • and i hope that the creater of this website will post all season of SAO here

  222. only time i will cry

  223. yeahhh.. im excited to watch the incoming episodes.. but when will they continue SAO? hehe.. im a little bit impatient.. :)

    • me too


  224. i love SAO so much :D

    • its ok with the first 10 shows but gets boring later

  225. Sao its sad at 14eposode allmoust cried she dided and kinto or whatevery his name is dies to it and wakes up at a hospital

    • there are 24 episodes my friend, the show gets better

  226. I hope there’s a new season of SAO because it is really awsome …

  227. hey my fave anime

  228. SAO is too AWESOME !!!

  229. SAO is far far too short. Seriously thereis a large flying castle with 100 floors, many intresting characters, a lot of adventures, boss fights, romance, fighting, guilds, friendships, deaths… And only 14 episodes? Seriously? Are you ******* kidding me? I cannot stand it. Im writing my own SAO LN, Aincrad – Super-extended Edition, codenamed “I Came to Play”. More SAO, more Aincrad, more adventures, more romance, more boss fights, more EPICNESS

  230. The next season has confirm, next season starts in June or July coz I forget about the month XD I got this from trusted source :D

  231. Sorry, June or July 2014 XD

  232. I think SAO is awesome and I only seen episodes 1-14

  233. Awesome! I wonder why some of the few characters before were gone DD:

  234. Love sword art online

  235. Season 2 is where first the intro changed only 3 out of the 4
    Seasons are in shows the third seasons not on this website.

    • then where?

  236. I Love SAO

  237. From all the anime’s I’ve watched. Sword Art Online is the best for me! I loved this show since I started watching it. The romance for Kirito and Asuna brings my emotions to the next level :D Can’t wait for the next season :’)

  238. hi people i would just like to ask and say im new to sword art online ive seen one episode and am now quite confused i was reading the comments and from what i understand there is no more sword art online is this true did turn into another form of the show cuz i cant be fucked getting attached to characters that are just gonna get replaced

    • no there not gonna get replaced they have made 24 episodes and they are all amazing and there thinking about making more.

  239. if sword art online stops making episodes i might jump off a cliff…thats how much i love this anime

  240. Sword art online is hands down one of the best anime I have ever seen, Honestly I don’t want it to end so please everyone lets all give it the best rating and promote it as much as we can, The more people that watch it and like it the better chance there is of them making many more episodes to come.

  241. The storyline of sao is super awesome!! Flawless and make me addicted to it. The best part is asuna and kirito is the best couple ive ever seen!! I really hope season 2 is coming out soon:(

    • realy the Laughing Coffin

      • i wish there is another episode that asuna and kirito are there..both of them

  242. Realy hope next season is coming out soon! love it!!!

  243. SAO is the best!!!!!! I WANT more episodes

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  245. sword art online has finish ?? or has season 2 ??

    • SAO did not s 2
      cause it just came out i think 2 days ago

  246. Cant wait to see season 3 i have seen season 2 i came to this website to see if it was in English dubb because toonami has already started on season 2 in English but English sub is great too

  247. yehh!!its the best but it does’t satisfy me even i watch it many times ,i hope the author make another episode or another season.

  248. i hope the author here us men.

  249. Where i can see the season 2 of this anime?

    • There is no season 2, if you count AHO tas a separate season then I guess that’s it

  250. i hated anime, never liked it becuase it was just the cartoons themselves. my friend shows me AOT and SAO and i fell in love idk how it gripped me by the balls so well but it did the job. now i can stop thinking of either one of them while i work my way through naruto shippudden. the author for both of those shows were genius’s for real. and SAO? idt they realize how much of a gamers dream that is, to be in a virtual world. its just amazing, authors, please make a smart move and start moving these shows along, i see SAO is on late night tv when toonami is on. hopefully thats a sign.

  251. the best anime!!!!!!

  252. Saddest moment of television history. Episode fourteen.


  254. There might be a new season, guys look at the status. It says ongoing. HOORAY FOR SWORD ART ONLINE!

    • Omg I can’t believe that that crazy movie akiris came on instead of Sao I think it’s stupid

  255. whether extra sword art online edition will be provided on this website? That is live streaming? Thnkx … :)

  256. Is the episode 25 is the end SAO ?

  257. This is my life

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  259. sworld art online is the best anime

  260. This anime is the best and there is a request for the makers of sword art online(SAO)that please don’t end this anime just like they did to bleach and if possible take the episode to 1000′s if you keep making new episodes.I love this anime and i want to watch this anime till i die :D love it…..

  261. This anime is awesome :) I like it very much.. is there season 2?

  262. I would have to say that Sword Art Online would have to be second best for my personal opinion for best anime/manga series. I haven’t watched much anime/manga but this has to be second! Such beauty. I’m in love with it! 1st on my best anime/manga series would have to be Attack on Titan.

  263. will u guys get sword art online extra edition on release (which is the 31st dec) and put it on the website? and will u put it up subbed?

  264. For those of you out there that are confused; there is no second season currently released. The “Fairy Dance” arc (when Kirito goes in search of Asuna in ALfheim Online) that is the second arc, NOT THE SECOND SEASON. The second season will be the “Phantom Bullet” arc, set in Gun Gale Online.

    It was confirmed right after the simulcast of the Sword Art Online Extra Edition. As of right now there is no set date for the season premier (when they announce the premier date someone please post it in reply to this post), though if I had to guess, I would say it would be somewhere between late spring and mid summer of 2014.

    Full details on Sword Art Online II can be found at:

  265. If they split up asuna and kirito (break up) I will kill myself

    • dude your in for a shock. if you read the novels kirito dies just after what happens in GGO.

  266. I love SAO because it has my favourite genre in it the fighting system is awesome and as a fellow gamer that just makes this anime sweeter also the character development progressed from a lonely beater to the hero of aincrad but best of all they really put so many emotions in the characters that i could feel with them (although sometimes it was ridicoulus :D) its funny too so that covers this great anime i also loved asunas fighting with her rapier and overall she is awesom ^^ kirito and asuna make a good contrast between Black/White Dark/Light and they really do had some funny conversations ^^ overall i just love this anime and cant wait for gg to be released also im going to buy the games ^^

  267. hope there is season two love much :-)

  268. Anyone know where to watch the 3rd season GGO A.K.A Gun Gale Online

    • 1. GGO is season 2
      2. episode 1 of season 2 has a few months until it airs in Japan yet
      3. once season 2 starts running im assuming you can find it on Crunchyroll

  269. I love sao and i like to see ggo but i hop kirito and asuna
    Are in ggo to or else its a little bitt dump

    • asuna never enters into the game GGO but we will see her as kirito’s girlfriend in the series

      • Thenx

  270. Why when I play the video it said video not found! Why?!

  271. Why when I play the video it said video not found! Why?!!

  272. This and new dragonball z episodes confermd live is great dragonball is the best anime ever

  273. i like it soo much,,
    i hope there episode 26..
    i’m waiting it ..

  274. I get cry when Sachi die.Kirito got to save her but fail she die Episode 3

  275. Too sad Episode 3 He never used the ball he get from the boss to Sachi and he gave to Klein.

    • i honestly thought that klein would’ve used it for kirito and the final boss they face in episode 14. (if you have seen the episode then you know what im talking about)

  276. I love sao and desperetly waiting for season 3
    But when i remember kiritos gun gale online avatar i freak out
    I still not figirt it out if its a boy or gorl
    And i now a rare boy avatar but it looks
    So girly i realy realy dont like kirito’s
    New avatar in gun gale online

    • But dont get me rong the one hand blade other hand gun
      Is awsome and makers of this show if you read this pritty
      Please make a awsome movie and season 3 and 4 of course

  277. I love Sword Art Online its one of the most interesting anime I had ever seen!!!!!
    P.S Is gun gale coming out???????

  278. I wish Kirito and Asuna stay in love forever ^_^

  279. extra edition was cool!

  280. wow idiots the official trailer came out already for gun gale so stop debating -_-

  281. Why does Kirito’s avatar have to be a girl

  282. Hey guys does GGO is now launch?

  283. he

  284. To whom it may concern,

    Yes, Gun Gale Online has been confirmed. The first episode should come out before the end of Spring.

    Sources: http://www.swordart-onlineusa.com/

  285. My Korean friend told me to watch this and I fell in love with this show. Top shows for me are: SAO, Attack on Titan, and Naruto.

  286. is there going to be anymore episodes ???????

    • yes there is if you go to google you can see the official trailer but don’t look on youtube.com the video trailers aren’t true the only movie coming out that was true was Godzilla

  287. pls send to me asuna!! ill give you my address!

  288. i hope there will be an next season! ahahah season 3? i like to see more!

  289. cant wait for new one ga

  290. Sword Art Online II Phantom Bullet( Gun Gale online) is on schedule and we are almost done with all the episodes. and air date is soon there for the Japanese Television. stay tuned for more information and news on: http://www.swordart-onlineusa.com/ and also feel free to check out our twitter: https://twitter.com/SwordArtUSA

    Kirito is a Male as always ;)

  291. You guys are all idiots, Season 2 hasnt come out, Season 2 is Gun Gale Online, Season three is Mother’s Rosario , 4th Season is Project Alicization… Season 1 is Sword Art Online with Alfheim Online in episode 15 and up…..

    • when does it come out plz reply .

      • Gun Gale Online is coming somewhere maybe mid April late June or maybe later….

  292. When i first watched this show i got that weird click feeling and it instantly became my favorite show of all time.

  293. when does yui get transferred from the nervegear game into the real world??

  294. where can we see sword art online season 2

  295. Sup guys, Sword art online 2 = Gun gale online will launch in 2014 which month or day i dunno, but it’s really really soon, i can say it’s noth at the end of the year so don’t worry just a few time. goodluck untill then.

  296. That’s all!? There should be more episodes there should be more seasons it is not fair it is not fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  297. I finished the 25 episodes within 3 days.
    It’s just an awesome anime !
    It recalls me all my memories during the time when I was playing online game. Ragnarok !

    Can’t wait to watch this Extra Edition version as I have read all the good comment here.
    It’s just nice.

  298. new season come in at 2014 april

  299. next season of SAO is coming in april 2014!!! :D

  300. THank GOd!!! it is ongoing!! i thought they will never add new episode!! thanks God!

  301. dont worry gun gale online series just right around cornere

  302. isnt there gunna be a season three? i hope so i love that show oh and in japan there makeing a sword art online video game of chorse theres not gunna be the nerve gear but still

    • Gun Gale Online is season 2
      Sword art online and Alfheim Online are two arcs in a season (so two parts)

  303. srsly? about sworld are online game?

  304. ummm kinda sad that this past season had to end but if the new season comes out on April 1st then i will be more happy then i have ever been

  305. I wonder if Kirito will marry Asuna again or Asuna will get jealous with some other girl hitting on Kirito the suspense is killing me.

  306. The best anime I ever watched

  307. Why users still make use of to read news papers when in
    thiks technological globe everything is available on net?

  308. guys the next sao will be gun gale. no one from the old cast will be on the new show and kirito will be a girl. this series is over now its just gonna be gungale

  309. i have more brains of sao then anyone plus this is all i watch

  310. plz upload sword art online season 2…..plz

  311. Gun Gale Online !
    Ima waiting for u!!

  312. I see alot of people saying Season two wasnt as good as the first season of SAO one thing is this the world that Kurito and Asuna meet in and where Kurito saved Asuna are both still FIRST SEASON but gun gale is what there talking about becoming the second season or even a alternante series Also I would love to see if they make some more for SAO it would be intrestering to see what they do with it maybe a new villan trying to over take the vertual world differntly maybe like a program creature gaining a mind of its own hmm we will see muhahaha

  313. i love it when i watch the super mega SAO addicting game also

    GUN GALE ONLINE aka SEASON 2 OR 3 (whatever, who cares)

  315. Any link for season2????

  316. Does anyone know the official date when the new episodes will be released

  317. The Season 2 Is Coming In July I Don’t Know When But Is Coming In July 2014.

    I Love Sword Art Online.
    I Want They Continue The Episode 1 To More………….
    I Really Love Sword Art Online <3

  318. Best anime serie i ever seen. can´t wait untill the new episodes is released

  319. SAO IS THE BEST<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3<3

  320. it was okay not great good story good idea okay action (too flashy) but too lovey dovey serously 5 girls all fall in love with the one dude now thats fiction at its finest

  321. i want to get like that relationship :))

  322. I cant wait for the next season of sword art to come out

  323. hah I see what axxjazz means


  325. July is going to be awesome. My birth month AND a season 2 of SAO. I love my life.