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  1. season 1.5 aka the alo arc “OK lets mix a really bad Hentai with with the first 14 episodes aka season 1 im sure EVERYONE will love it”

  2. Oh My God.

    What’s with the b****, Suguo?

    Don’t cry Kirito.

    Suguo is a sexual harasser.

    (Spoiler:Later, Suguo almost rapes Asuna).

  3. I was just so glad to see Asuna again

  4. ths epesode is sooo cool m8 i meen i love kireto so mch

  5. This is not SAO anymore, ITS ALO! … I’d rather have it that SAO never ends… Then… Yes, That will be better.

    • Honestly, they should’ve just made an episode for like every other floor of SAO, instead of SAO –> ALO –> GGO –> ???
      (I say every other because all of the floors would be soooo repetetive.

  6. Sao, Alo, Ggo, and etc, all of the SAO anime are my No. 1 favorite anime despite what anyone say negative about it!

  7. Sword art online is like…
    The most fucking cool serie i have ever seen !
    Sorry for my language :D
    But i agreement with Anthony about kirito and his poke-shit heehee
    See you around

  8. Can’t express my feelling SAO is so awesome !!!!!!!

  9. omg som much cry love this anime fave person is: the blacksmith from the sao game

  10. Why does Kirito wake everyone up by poking them in the face, i mean, he poked Asuna a few episodes earlier and wondered if he woke her up lol……

  11. i cant believe he died i like it in SAO it was more action

  12. The one thing I hate about this episode is the introduction of that f**king pedo named Sugou
    And if you don’t think he’s a pedo what else explains his sexual harassment of asuna (in virtual reality and reality) later on in the show (ps small spoiler)

  13. I was Fucking crying all the time while watching this episode. Like I feel I’m Kirito.
    *More feels than Fairy Tail man!*

    • If I was there with him even if he was a Solo player. I would help him out with Asuna, I would be his right hand man

  14. Yes I feel the same way I love these characters and the story line it needs to continue with the originals and new connected heros especially for the main heros sister and even follow a near future, anda next generation type plot like bleach, naruto, dbz,and robotech with a expanded episoded storylines, just want more of Kirito/Kuzuto, Asuna and Sugoha/Leefa with all of their friends

  15. Do Them tow meet ?

    • two*

    • which two are you talking about exactly?

  16. I can’t wait for Kirito and Asuna to get back together!
    When that episode comes I might cry.

  17. hoping for Season 3 please make a season 3 Need a season 3

    Anyone know if there is going to be a season 3????

  18. Opening : Spoiler Alert.

  19. Was Kirito is the best of them now its his sisters time his couzin!