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Sword Art Online Episode 16
Sword Art Online Episode 14
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  1. Can You Make More Sword Art Online Like Up To Episode 100??

    • This website does not make the episodes as far as I know.

      • i agree

        • still they need to bring in more of them if there is more

          • I know the feeling they should make it a very very long series and make it as if all the trouble they went through that they only actually passed a” tutorial” type stage. I never want it to end..

          • If we are lucky they MIGHT make a third season. Not likely i think since the “Gun Gale Online” was just a rumor but who knows, maybe they will make it a third season

          • ya sicken me u want them to go thro helll for your injoyment

          • They confirmed gun gale online so GGO is the second season

          • There are 12 books in the series and SOA and ALO take up 4 of them GGO takes up 2 and the last game takes up the rest. I hope they are going to turn all of them into an anime.

    • i wish!!! 25 only makes me wanna watch it ove and over! watced it about 3 times atleast now and i still wana watc it more!!!

      • This is my 3rd time now. I may be obsessed with this anime.

        • What? this is a anime? thought it was real life. damn was i wrong. huh..

          • IKR?

          • It’s basically real life… O.o

        • this is my 7th time watching

          • I AM A POTATO

          • This is my 273rd time watching. BUT WHOS COUNTING?But really I counted and did the math and I have a good memory when it comes to numbers.

      • Sword Art Online II. Yes, this is getting a second season!


      • .-.
        They don’t make episodes
        You really don’t know shit.

      • MAKE IT OVER 9000! xD

        • Headass!!

    • they need to make them in english dub not english sub

    • I just don’t get what happened in this episode, I’m so confused!!! Why is Asuna still in her coma state? Why did that perverted bastard with the glasses have to appear?! And is Kirito’s sister/cousin in love with Kirito or something? Ughh, this episode ruined everything! Today is my Birthday too! Why now?!!! But don’t get me wrong, I still love this anime sooo much! KIRITO + ASUNA FOREVER!

      • Kirito’s cousin is in love with him. Cousin-marriage is legal in Japan.

  2. Wake up, Asuna! Aaargh… I think this story will be worse than the SAO scene.

    • Cmon, make more SAO episodes, there ar like 100 floors and they’re trapped there for two years… and for only 14 episodes? i only watched like 4 to 5 boss battles… and i never even get to hear Kirito say I LOVE YOU to Asuna!!! Cmo’n


      • and at the end i think kirito dont marry asuna couse he just stay with her at school and they dont even touch eachother

        • Don’t even touch each other…. they hold hands and Asuna sleeps on Kirito’s shoulder at the end scene.

      • pre Kazuko kirito ito you dont know what do you your doing i am helios apollo lets have duel but i love asuna so much she is the most amazing astounding such much powerfull and wonderfull girl!!!!!!

        • jhon emmanuel marmol

        • Pare, your english gave me cancer.

  3. Yeah i mean its been 2years i just saw 5 or6boss battles this far!

    • Games already cleared…

  4. Aww man i just can’t stop watching this lol

  5. I have been watching this 5 times already and I still can’t get enough of it! ( I purposely avoid ep 24)

    • yeah episode 24 is so dramatic if he rape her pssy then i will hit my screen and dont watch this again but he just kiss her

      • ]]your right i was gettinig mad and i wish i turn to anime helios apollo and i will give him so painfull like God,s power

      • your right i was gettinig mad and i wish i turn to anime helios apollo and i will give him so painfull like God,s power

      • Kiss her? More like trying to lick her face off… my god, if I was Kirito I’d punch him into orbit.


      • i hate at the 24th episode its like the most dramatic ive ever seen,the 24th episode is like a porn episode

  6. I don’t get this! I hate the fact that Kirito and Asuna are separated from each other! and i just can’t get over it!! argh! why did you mess up this anime for me! whyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Why couldn’t it been like the first epiesodes! whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    • I hate that idea too! I HATE IT ! ashsajgydjgsdgg I loved them together. Even due the face its just anime it’s just heartbreaking :c

      • God i hate that guy!!! why should they be separated?? Asuna.. please wake up… they should be together but that guy messed up. grrrrr….!!!!!!!!

    • CALM DOWN they get together in the end so please… calm down…


  8. 15:00 i would have smashed hes face in…
    Love this series so far although Kirito needs to kill that asshole…

    • what i was thinking

    • I fee like buying a shotgun and blasting it in his face at 13:10 repeatedly preferably wit rubber bullets or some other painful but non-lethal projectile

    • totally right. Kirito should really kill that moron. pissed me up.

  9. That fucking apple ruined everything. I officially hate apples.

    • That’s the same sbit I said my friend thought I was crazy fucking apples man

  10. I hate my boyfriend for showing me SAO. So much crying ;~;

  11. Wait, so they were all in a coma for 2 years? >.<

    • Yes every single one of them besides the one’s who helmets were taken off, tampered with or if they died in the game. The one’s who survived were all in a coma.

      • The one’s in a coma survived, and most of the players woke up, but 300 players are still in Nervegear.

  12. ARG I HOPE THAT KIRITO AND ASUNA GET BACK TOGETHER CAUSE I HATE ANYONE ELSE WITH HER AND HIM (*)_(*) like really tho i think that asuna and kirito should be together not him and that blonde haired elf girl

    • I think the blonde elf is a friend who is helping him out

      • That blonde elf is Sugu…Kirito’s cousin/step-sister

  13. This show is getting soft and dumb x.x the first 2 episodes were the best opening of an anime i’ve ever seen….after that its getting sooo dumb

    • I wouldn’t say that it’s dumb, it’s by far one of the best anime to date. IMO. However, it is getting soft.

  14. so were are kirito’s parents?

  15. Wow…he must have gone through some incredible rehab. He crushed an empty bottle with one hand lol.

    • Dat flexible plastic. I can’t even do dat. XD

  16. Wow so unexpected that SAO ended in episode 14. But there’s more to come!!!! xD

  17. I’m not watching any more of this series because this first 14 episodes are based off the books and the rest of the series is fan fiction(and they got very distracted from the main storyline and turning everyone in to frickin fairies)

  18. this was so cool

  19. home girl needs to chill, he dont like u

  20. they should make it how they did FMA and have a separate anime following the manga directly.

  21. I want more sword art online!!!!! I love this show

  22. we should send a letter to the creator of sao to make more episode but it haas to be a lot of people

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  25. men so touching so cool i like the combats in sword art online


  27. Elf ears added? I cant wait to watch this….

  28. Don’t you dare tell me that Kirito’s sister has a crush on him now just because she found out they’re actually cousins! That’s messed up yo

  29. First anime where I’ve actually cried….. So sad

  30. Why he just doesn’t tell her he was practising in SAO? That just lets me feel a bit angry every time iI get to this episode :D

  31. I nearly cry

  32. I hope that a new love wont bloom that would be bad news for the kiritoxasuna fans

  33. I am one of thoughs fans

  34. Are these dubbed or subbed? I can’t find where it says if they are on my mobile.

  35. Why isn’t there a English dub for episodes 15 and up? I got to 14 and there was no more. Please make english dub. Not subed. If any1 finds english dubbed email me at rex30889@gmail.com.

    • I feel you i looked over like at least 7 or more website and i never found one episode in English over 14. All episode 14 and under can be found in English but 15 and up aren’t no were to be found in English i am sad about that to. :(

      • Nevermind.. I thought I was the only one suffering this. :/ I would watch it with the Subs but I don’t wanna read it just because I look away from the screen at time and end up missing what they say.. I don’t think Ep. 15+ are yet released in English.. But my Boyfriend is already on S2, and I’m trying to figure out if he is watching it with subs or if he found them dubbed. If I figure out a way to watch them dubbed I will get back to you guys!

  36. Kirito’s mom looks like TenTen omg omg omg

  37. if you really want more read the light novels

  38. this would make good hentai

  39. can someone help me find an English dub version it should have been released 2 days ago :,(

  40. and episode 20 – 25 will be released on Nov 19th please get the English dubbed versions please

  41. anyone know when episode 15 and up are going to be dubbed. plz let me know

  42. The resin why is because of season 2 it talks you every thing

  43. Am I the only person who can’t find an English Dubbed Episode 15 S1? Or have they just not yet released it?

  44. I don’t understand why Kirito sisn’t just go to the police about the marriage thing!?

    • dude that cant settle things

    • Ya… they are only good for arresting people, solve crimes, and shootin guys I the face.

  45. Sorry I mean “in the face”

  46. Maaaan why doesnt he say he learned fighting in SAO and why doesnt she actually know??? Thats just no logic.

  47. The new one is GGO gun gale online kirito teams up with a girl named Arc to defeat death gun but kirito is a girl in GGO

  48. Why Is Kirito a girl WTF

  49. Who put this bowl of onions here

  50. The music in this anime is so damn good xx

  51. Was Kirito is the best of them now its his sisters time his couzin!

  52. Opening : Spoiler Alert.

  53. hoping for Season 3 please make a season 3 Need a season 3

    Anyone know if there is going to be a season 3????

  54. I can’t wait for Kirito and Asuna to get back together!
    When that episode comes I might cry.

  55. Do Them tow meet ?

    • two*

  56. Yes I feel the same way I love these characters and the story line it needs to continue with the originals and new connected heros especially for the main heros sister and even follow a near future, anda next generation type plot like bleach, naruto, dbz,and robotech with a expanded episoded storylines, just want more of Kirito/Kuzuto, Asuna and Sugoha/Leefa with all of their friends