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Sword Art Online Episode 3
Sword Art Online Episode 1
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  1. hey this is suprisingly good……..^_^
    Though virtual games are not my type I do know how to appreciate them. the anime Sword Art Online is tastefully done well done to the creators XP

    • hahaha I agree to Minami…………….I also like the characters…. Nice-desu

      • i luv anime and playing online games… this anime is the greatest one ive ever seen! if this happens in rl life, besides dying ingame means dying in rl. i would never go to school ever!

        • i agree, although i’m out of school already, i would never want to do anything else!!!!!!! i’d even drag my boyfriend into it so we could play it together!!!! it would soooooo be worth the money to play!!!!!

          • I agree

          • it would be good depending on how they code it, i can emagen this being awsome or the worst ever depending on how mutch it envolves physical ability

          • i wish you were my girlfriend haha

          • Now how do you know Kasumi isn’t a guy?

        • me too

          • me three

        • Japanese game developers are already working on a virtual reality gaming console supposed to be released for beta testing in 2020 my friend is signed up to beta test it. two developers have already died from getting their brains fried

          • for real i would like to know more about this if you know any thing more about this

          • Dude this is interesting plz give me a link or something cuz bro this shit is what I wanna be in thanks :D

    • i very much agree . wish american tv show like this

    • Man that would be scary if u actually where playing a game the admin did that it is scary and cold I can’t believe it I like they way I am I am sexy and a cue girl

    • Actually, I would definitely play a game like that if it would come out on such a console type thing!

  2. Really reminds me of the .(dot)hack series, with obvious differences. Wonder what other VRMMORPG based anime/manga there are.
    Also hoping Klein(sp?) makes a reappearance. Favorite character so far.

    • it reminds me of that series as well, it’s sorta like that series was reborn into this one in a way, dontcha think?

  3. Not a fan of the VRMMORPG or RPG’s in general, but the anime looks promising. It was recommended me by a friend, hope he doesn’t let me down. I also want to see what all the hype’s about.

    • Not a fan of VRMMORPGs? How can you possibly make that judgment when nothing of the sort exist at the moment?

  4. My brother suggested this, and I like this,I wish there’s an online game like this :)

  5. There is a eerily familiar mmorpg like SAO and Alfheim, AION Online :>

  6. If there is a a game like this in real life at first it was cool,but to die in game and die in real life too is really way shock…but i guess if that happens to me ill probably do my best to be stronger …

  7. I’m a big gamer, and this type of Anime has me very intruiged, i hope they keep it coming, it seems really good :D

  8. definetly one of the better anime shows

  9. The guy rejected a health potion! What are those guy bitching at kirito for?

    • Then why are u bitchin at me

  10. hehehe i would like to become the top girl of the top! Not a god or lord, but like right underneath lord. :P

  11. LIKE :)

  12. Is my or model

  13. When they opened the door to the first floor Iwas expecting a Leroy Jenkins moment. XD

    • haha XD that made my day

  14. love the sudden adittude change! its like he went from oh crap i cant be exposed, to im the best dont meses with me or call em a beta tester again~

  15. I love it ! At first I thought it was boring , but i suddenly enjoyed it! Well done creators……=)

  16. wew!Even though it’s my first time seeing this anime.I have thought of this for one day and saying to myself “its really a beautiful anime”

  17. There’s no skip button?

  18. If this was a real life game, I would still play it, even if you died in real life

  19. cutenyer karakter cartoon nie…..

  20. For everyone out there thats doubting if this anime is worth watching DO NOT STOP I REPEAT DO NOT STOP this anime is the best anime in a long , long time and it will most likely continue as the author creates more games like gungale online which is after the fairy game (name escapes me) so dont give up on this keep watching it

  21. Meh I really hope they make another Season, I love this anime so much this is the 3rd time I’ve watched it and its still so fuuckin exciting.

  22. i want this game on other game consule

  23. i love this episode :D <3

  24. This is way better than I expected considering all the criticism it got

  25. THE FEELS!

  26. yeah thats what they called me a beater!! i liked the way the tell me that

  27. I don’t get the behaviour in the ending part.
    The dude played well in the beta and reached higher levels than them. That ain’t cheating. He simply is better informed.
    They claim he knew that the boss had a katana instead of a curved sword. He didn’t. He himself was surprised knowing the boss had one. The difference was merely that he knew the attack patterns from the beta test. They also claim that he didn’t warn Diabel from katana attacks. He did, but Diabel was already rushing to him and didn’t listen. Yet he does not use any of this in his defense. What the hell.

    Either way, the concept of this anime is awesome. I only hope they don’t ruin the series with lack of basic logic.

  28. LIKE THIS ANIME.. ^^

  29. I don’t like this anime it is the worst i’ve ever seen

  30. How is it that he made it to more floors then anyone in the beta test and he doesnt know where the boss room on floor one is?

  31. i like this episode

  32. So far I dont see why people hate this anime.

  33. This episode was so good. I’m rewatching the series right now, my second time watching this episode. I got all kinds of goosebumps when they were battling the boss. Such nostalgia.

  34. Bull shit

  35. too bad the video game is psp only O; but if they come out with nervgear that would be awesome. its a shame there isnt any mages or spiritmasters that would be awesome……then again i would be scared cause then there would be a lot of weaknesses out there for each class……am i thinking this too hard for a game that doesnt exist? XD

  36. this show made me realise how important a relationship is so i got in shape and got a girlfried that i love i plan to purpose on friday i love this and cant wait for the next season ;).

  37. Linken Starten!

  38. ooooo plot twist

  39. im so into this show. really intense

  40. I know this is kinda self-centered… but kirito and me are alike… We are both dark and mysterious, But when we are around friends we show our happy and fun side. When people look down apon us, we will not accept it. When people are angry at us, we come right back without a scratch.

    • We also look alike…

      • Same here, even fighting styles are similar (i practise, dont judge) i found it weird at first, then i thought it was awesome. Even my friends said i am very much like Kirito.
        Found someone that is somewhat similar to myself… (That’s actually a living being)

      • But like you said, it does seem rather self-centered, that’s also a reason why i don’t say anything about it.

  41. I wish this is in English.

  42. I Like it

  43. man this is such a sikk anime (sikk means cool and awesome!),man the best anime i have ever seen but it would be better if there was a season 2 or for it to go like one peice and naruto

  44. I dont care if this is Japanese i love this anime

  45. all the gamers can relate in this anime

  46. I payed RPG’s such as the Final Fantasy saga and this anime reminds me of those games. XD Brings back some memories and I love it. All gamers can relate to this game even the do not play RPGs. It has good characters. I shall continue to watch and love this anime.

  47. why do i like this

  48. Is it just me or is this site not that great for watching? it keeps freezing, lagging and just stop working all together

  49. Sao is the best show in the world I wish it was real and I was a beater and traped in Sao

  50. Sao is the best show in the world I wish it was real and I was a beater and traped in Sao!!!

  51. The Design of SAO remind me of Spiral Knights

  52. watching serious all over again just love it i learnd a little from it

  53. if i were in that state i will commit suicide(being in vritual world forever)

  54. All u retards out there u do fliping know there is a game for this but not like go into game just a fuckin game that’s sold in japan. I mean come on people I’m twelve and I know this but u don’t!

  55. Cette video ne marche pas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. hi

  57. hai

  58. Toot toot