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  1. Y u refuse healing potion Diabel? You wanna die?

  2. I watched this like 3 times and I am thinking why the fuck we dont have VVMMORPG

    • Because no one could play them. Think about it:
      -Need some kind of magic solution for network latency problems, that much info back and forth between client and server is going to lag like hell.
      -Might get trapped in a game
      -Neuroscience hasn’t really advanced very far at all as far as computer communication with the brain
      -No one could afford them. WoW is expensive enough.

  3. Nice

  4. I enjoy watching SAO but i can’t watch it on my ipad mini :(

  5. Too cool. Hikikomori mode.

  6. after watching this i’m scared of VR now 0.o

  7. Toot toot

  8. hai

  9. hi

  10. Cette video ne marche pas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. All u retards out there u do fliping know there is a game for this but not like go into game just a fuckin game that’s sold in japan. I mean come on people I’m twelve and I know this but u don’t!

    • Watch your language Mr. Twelve-year-old. I don’t know who you think you are calling people retards, but you ought to cut that stuff out you little bastard. Also, you might want to pay more attention in your literacy class. Be a better person dude.

      • You sound like a bastard. Mister goody two shoes.

      • AHAHA. Let me correct your sentences: “Be a better person, dude.”
        “, but you ought to cut that stuff out, you little bastard.” “Watch your language, Mr. Twelve-year-old.” (There’s no such thing as a “person dude”.)

        • You lack the capacity to understand humor. Please go watch five hours of sarcastic comedy before returning to the internet. I recommend Sienfield.

      • Haha! Okay, fair enough. I’ll take the hits.

        Well kirito9876, looks like I owe you an apology. Please continue to troll the internet calling people retards, as you like. Don’t worry about insulting or hurting anyone who might have severe mental disabilities.

        Oh, internet! You never cease to bring me constant entertainment.

  12. if i were in that state i will commit suicide(being in vritual world forever)

  13. watching serious all over again just love it i learnd a little from it

  14. The Design of SAO remind me of Spiral Knights