Sword Art Online Quiz 1

The first Quiz.
7 Simple Questions.
You have 5 min time to complete.
Go for it SAO Fans :-)

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  1. is heathcliffs special holy blade or something

  2. I put sword something

  3. It doesn’t accept Yui as Kirito & Asuna’s daughter… Grrr…..

    • I just…it’s not right she IS they’re daughter the “adopted” her!

  4. Nice

  5. i got it except i didnt read about Yui too fast. i put daughter bec she basically was. and i totally forgot his ability

    • Me too Total Lost on heatcliffs ability Well actually it should be All ecause hes the creator He has admin…

  6. I said that Yui was both part of the cardinal system and Kirito and Asuna’s daughter, but it said that she wasn’t their daughter. Even though they pretty much adopted her.

  7. Actually it was Holy Sword. Sometimes things get lost in translation.

    • fuck i put hevanly blade so close

      • i put in devine blade… damnit translations

  8. I don’t get it. Heathcliffs unique ability is Divine Blade but ever time I enter that answer it is wrong. Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

    • It must have been a different translation or something. You’re right, but some say holy sword

    • Its Holy Sword